Meet Katy Eden, Cocolobo Head of Housekeeping.

Katy is what many would call a true islander.  A native English speaker of Afrocaribe decent, whose family can claim multiple generations born here on Roatán.   Katy lives in Sandy Bay, the place of her childhood and that of her Mama and Grandmother.

Katy has been part of the Cocolobo family for seven years. Prior to that she worked as a cook at the exclusive boutique hotel, Mayoka Lodge.

Katy has seen many changes to the island during her life. From Hurricane Mitch to the 2009 Political Coupe to COVID19.  She is steadfast in her belief that the island and her people can weather any storm.  The fast rise of the tourism economy and associated development has also bought much change and supplanted many of the traditional island ways.  Not so with Katy who remains a proud ambassador of the old-school island hospitality:  kindness, decency, generosity and absolute honesty.

Our guests rave about Katy’s warm hospitality and excellent cooking.    When you book Cocolobo you will start each day with Katy’s smile and straight-from-the-oven banana bread.

Meet Ceasar Iriate, responsible for garden, facility maintenance and day-time security.

Ceasar was born in Colón on the mainland of Honduras and is a native Spanish speaker. He has lived 13 years on Roatán in the Colonia Sandy Bay.

Ceasar has been part of the Cocolobo family for 9 years.  His hard work and diligence keep our tropical gardens lush and beautiful.  He loves working at Cocolobo for the tranquility and solitude of the garden balanced by the constant stream of interesting visitors from abroad.

Ceasar has been a keen observer of nature since childhood and on arrival to Roatan found himself fascinated by the wide array of tropical plants. He developed his skills through quiet observation and taking every opportunity to work with more experienced gardeners.  Prior to Cocolobo Ceasar worked in various fields including construction and maintenance but his true passion is to work in the garden.

Ceasar’s favorite natural feature of Roatán is West Bay beach and he recommends that all our guests to experience her pristine white sand beach and turquoise water.  You will nearly always find Ceasar in the garden or about the property. He loves to share his knowledge of the plants so please stop and let him know if you enjoy the garden.


aka Twiglet


Coco and Lobo are our longest standing residents, and maybe even the inspiration behind the property name (although local folklore is a little hazy on that one). The page administrator has been granted a rare and exclusive interview with these notoriously elusive feline beauties.  Transcript follows.

Admin: So, which one of you is Coco and which is Lobo – how can we tell you apart?

Lobo: [contemptuous glare and licks paw]

Coco: Darling I know it’s terribly confusing because people hear “Coco” and think ‘oh, that’s got to be the brunette’. But actually I’m tortoiseshell don’t you know? So much more exotic than just plain old black. And you know how the saying goes, ‘tortoiseshell’s have all the luck’, (although  between you and me, don’t say that that too much around Lobo she’s a bit sensitive about that black cat superstition thing).   Anyways listen darling,  I’ll give you a tip to keep things straight.  Lobo is actually Spanish for wolf, and wolves are black. So if you just remember that you should have no problems at all

Lobo: [inaudible]

Coco: [aside]: Oh, they’re not?  Oh well darling.  Whatever.  She’s hooman what does she know.

Admin: So, you’re allegedly the first and longest standing residents of Cocolobo Resort. What is it about Cocolobo that you like so much?

Lobo: [yawns and closes eyes]

Coco: Darling. First of all, there’s no allegedly about it.  We have de-fin-ite-ly been the first residents of Cocolobo.  Everyone who has come after us are a bit fly-by-nighty if you ask me.  A lot of coming and going.  Not that I want to sound judgmental darling, but you hoomans always seem to be in a bit of a rush. Where’s the fire?  Anyway, we have a few of the more regular hoomans pretty well trained at this point. No sense starting that over somewhere else. Hoomans are not too bright, frankly it’s been a bit of a trial getting them up to scratch.  It’s exhausting – that’s why we have to nap so much.

Lobo: [inaudible]

Coco: Oh right.  And also, the beds are comfy and most of the hoomans forget to close their doors all the way.  But then again, what more can you expect from a creature who sleeps all night? Really….

Admin: I think it’s interesting that you seem to have a sort of British accent Coco.  What’s that all about?

Coco: Darling, I come from the Caymans don’t you know?

Lobo: [hisses softly, narrows eyes and flattens ears]

Coco: [casting eyes heavenward] oh sweet baby jesus I am NOT being pretentious. It’s just a fact.  Darling, jealously is really not your colour.

Admin: So finally, what advice would you give our future guests on arriving to Roatan?

Coco: Pack tinned mackerel.  Trust us. Too many vacations have been ruined without it.

Admin: Lobo? Any final comments for our visitors?

Lobo: [stands, yawns, stretches and stalks out to the garden].